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Objectra is our unique development framework for creating bespoke cloud hosted database applications. Objectra allows us to deliver tailor made database apps with off-the-peg convenience.

We specifically designed Objectra to overcome the software development issues that we come across time and time again …

  1. Incomplete requirement specification – It is almost impossible to think of everything you actually need from a new system before you start to work with it in the real world! We know and fully understand this. So, Objectra has been designed to allow us to add functionality, easily, quickly and very cost effectively.
  2. Changing business requirements – No one knows the future, except that it is definitely going to be different from now! Your business systems probably need to adapt, at least yearly, to new requirements. Objectra was specifically designed to seamlessly cope with change!
  3. Changing face of technology – Once upon a time it was OK to run your business systems on a local server with desktop PCs. In today’s world you need access 24/7 from any device, (even letting your customer interact with your systems). Objectra is cloud based and can be accessed via a browser on almost any internet connected device.
  4. Legacy Data – a major pain in moving to a new system is losing old data! Objectra can mirror absolutely any data structure, making importing your legacy data a breeze (relatively speaking!).
  5. Well meaning staff / volunteers / previous suppliers – Over the years we have come across many systems that have been "marooned" because their in-house developer has "moved-on". The company is left with a system that they still absolutely depend upon but their requirements have changed and it needs to be modified (see point 2!). Generally, no-one will touch these marooned (aka undocumented, poorly designed, poorly built) systems with a barge pole (for very good reason)! As long as there is an accessible data source, we can convert such systems into fully supported Objectra cloud apps.
  6. Security & GDPR – For a vast array of reasons, most legacy systems are not built to current security standards and statutory commitments (such as GDPR). Objectra is built and hosted to GDPR standards and helps you to address your GDPR obligations (like showing your customers what data you hold on them) out of the box!

Visit the Objectra website.

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